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WindowsXP posted Mon at 16:24

CloudedInSanity Man, you just had to show me getting meme'd by brambles.
Stumma The transitions were stellar.

Last boss?  More like first boss.  Xavius may have been a disappointment, but the first raid is now behind us after only 7 nights of progression.  We will have to see if Gul'dan puts up more of a fight.  Huge shoutout to Wilford Brimley for pushing us to be better and better and helping us snag that top 15 spot in the US.  Hel ya!

WindowsXP I approve this message

The final stretch of HFC is upon us as we close out Warlords and make preparations for Legion.  Less than a month to go!  Recruiting is mostly closed at this point though any exceptional player (preferably Lock) will not be ignored.  Don't be afraid to toss up an app if interested!

Mythic Archimonde sales are also fully booked until Legion release.  Sorry about that. frown

See you in Legion!

Lala Your face needs to reroll. OOOOOOO
CloudedInSanity I was very excited about this post until you said 19 more weeks of HFC.

303 wipes finally resulted in the kill and a satisfying conclusion to WoD.  This tier has come to be one of the most difficult and grueling experiences for me personally, and I'm incredibly thrilled that it's done.  Numerous, never-ending roster issues combined with a lengthy and challenging raid instance has marked Hellfire Citadel as a true accomplishment to overcome.

Great job to the entire raid team for making our top 20 goal a reality.  Raiding with you guys has been a pleasure over the years, and although we've had our ups and downs, we always seem to find a way to endure till the end.  It's easy to overlook the memories and good times that we've created and drown them out with the bad ones instead.  In the end though, raiding in WoW really can be quite amazing and rewarding.  I'm happy to have been a part of it.  Special thanks to Aiurus for putting up with my crap and becoming such an essential key to our success.  We really could not have done it without you.

Onwards to Legion I guess!

Leiden I think sometimes people forget just how hard converting to 20 man was. So many guilds from t16 have died in WoD and Ds...
Balanced WHOS CUTTING LE ONIONS funny reddit meme amirite
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